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This is a collection of the featured campaigns on MolecularCloud, including a variety of trending topic discussions, free plasmid campaigns, Distinguished Research Award voting campaign, etc.

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Share Your Day in the Lab and Win up to $60

Celebrating MolecularCloud's 3rd  Anniversary

We would like to invite you to participate in our 3rd anniversary celebration this month. Celebrate with us to get prizes!

Get Your Free CRISPR/COVID19 Plasmid

6 most popular plasmids are free NOW! Check which plasmid possibly relates to your research, and get it for free!

Biology Knowledge Online Questions with Prizes

Share your biology knowledge and win prizes by answering different questions.

DNA Day Photo Contest

MolecularCloud is honored to support DNA Day through DNA Day Photo Contest. Submit a DNA photo you draw or DIY using laboratory elements and win up to $300!

Share Your Story and Open the Lucky Box

The theme for 2021 International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge.

Share your stories of Choose to Challenge and open the lucky box to win corresponding rewards.

MolecularCloud Excellent Writer Award 2020

MolecularCloud Excellent Writer Award aims to annually recognize and honor the most excellent freelance writers on MolecularCloud platform.

Facilitate Gene Editing Research by Freeing the Plasmids

The 2021 MolecularCloud Distinguished Research Awards aim to recognize outstanding researchers and research achievements in genome editing field.

Facilitate Gene Editing Research by Freeing the Plasmids

Favorite the plasmids to reduce the price in stages (up to 100% off). It's easy to support gene editing studies and to bring more patients back to health!

Facilitate Gene Editing Research by Freeing the Plasmids

"Everyone is a writer" campaign aims to promote sharing of knowledge and learning together. The questions are updated monthly. Answer the questions and win up to $100 Amazon gift card!

We are Recruiting Freelance Scientific Writers

Welcome to join MolecularCloud and be a freelance scientific writer! You can get great rewards at the same time!

2020 MolecularCloud Distinguished Research Award

The 2020 MolecularCloud Distinguished Research Awards aim to recognize and honor those research achievements which have made significant impact on the studies of COVID-19 and the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes it.

2020 MolecularCloud iGEM Sponsorship

MolecularCloud with GenScript is sponsoring 6 iGEM teams in 2020.

Get Points for Every Action You Take

MolecularCloud has introduced the GenScript EzCoupon Reward Program to the platform. EzCoupon points can be redeemed at GenScript Rewards Center.

Get a Free Plasmid Every Month!

MolecularCloud picks out three plasmids from the repository as an exclusive benefit for MolecularCloud members.

Co-build a Global Biological Community

MolecularCloud, a global biological community, is inviting all scientists from different biological research areas to join the Cloud Scientist Program and co-build a global biological community.

Plasmids, Proteins and Peptides for COVID-19 Detection and Research

All the plasmids are in stock now and can be shipped out immediately once ordered!

How the Popular Plasmid are Created?

MolecularCloud invited researchers who have created the most popular plasmids to share their stories. Read the stories, leave your comment and get a plasmid for free!