Award-winning quiz: How much do you know about the Nobel Prize?

MolecularCloud has initiated an award-winning quiz for the topic "How much do you know about the Nobel Prize? " Take the Quiz below (Max. Marks: 15) and leave your thoughts in the comment section. Participants with the highest scores or the best comments will have a chance to win a canvas bag, hoodie or $20 Amazon gift card! The correct answers will be given on 10/31/2020 and the winners will be announced on this page before 11/06/2020. Remember to come back to check the answers and the winner list. 

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Q1: How many categories of Nobel Prize are there? (1 mark)

60 participants, 11 days left

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Q2: What is the amount of Nobel Prize for 2019? (2 marks)

32 participants, 11 days left

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Q3: Which laureate on the following list was forced to decline the Nobel Prize? (3 marks)

32 participants, 11 days left

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Q4: Which Nobel laureate has said “Science does not know any national borders” ? (4 marks)

32 participants, 11 days left

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Q5: Which research field will the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 go to? (5 marks)

  • Southern blot
  • Metal-organic frameworks
  • Graetzel cells
  • Other research fields

31 participants, 0 days left

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12 Reply

Good way to learn and assess our own knowledge. Loved it.

Interesting way to improve one's knowledge about the Nobel Prize. Looking forward to this year's announcement of winners amidst the pandemic.

Excellent quiz, good to know the historical researcher and the prestigious Noble Prize.

Very interesting quiz! Look forward to knowing the right answers!!

I‘m also looking forward to the right answers!

Excellent platform to know about the details of the topic which is a dream for every researcher and the scientist to get. I am very happy that I have become part of this science quiz. Thanks for the initiative Molecular Cloud!!

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