MolecularCloud Excellent Writer Award aims to recognize and honor the most excellent freelance writers on MolecularCloud platform.

The winners of the Excellent Writer Award this year has been announced on this page. Each of the winners will receive the Excellent Writer Award certificate and a prize worth $200. Congratulations to our excellent writers!

Winners of Excellent Writer Award 2020

Miguel Gómez Fontela
Genetic Immunologist

  • Contributed 16 articles on MolecularCloud, sharing with scientists and students the novel techniques and applications that science develops every day.
  • Dr. Fontela focuses on understanding the transcriptional regulation of several immune system genes, and how their expression determines the behavior of immune system cell populations.
  • Interview

Ramon Contreras de Luna
Plant Biologist

  • More than 8 years of expertise in scientific and dissemination writing and is dedicated in sharing knowledge through multiple platforms.
  • As a freelance writer on MolecularCloud, Dr. Luna has published articles covering diverse topics, including COVID-19, Nobel Prize, CRISPR and Plant Biology.
  • Interview

Pavithra Periswamy
Health Care Blogger

  • An experienced health care blogger with a demonstrated history of working within the healthcare-based clinical research industry.
  • Her articles on MolecularCloud are mainly focusing on Synthetic Biology and it's role in fighting COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Interview

Excellent Writer Interview

We recently had a short talk with MolecularCloud excellent writer Dr. Miguel Fontela, who spoke about top 3 tips of scientific writing and pointed out that one needs to be flexible about timing and multitasking during one's doctoral period.

In this interview video, Dr. Ramon Contreras de Luna talks about his motivation for writing COVID-19 news and shares his perspective on how journalism can be improved to better inform the public.

Other Nominated Writers

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication provided by other freelance writers who have been nominated for their great contributions to the development of MolecularCloud.

Want to become one of them?

We are still recruiting freelance scientific writers! If you have educational background on Biology, Medicine, Food Science, or any field related with life sciences, and want to promote your study or share technical experience with others, then you are the one we are looking for. Apply now and start to work from anywhere!