HIV/AIDS Research

Researchers have learned a lot about the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the disease it causes. But still more research is needed to fight the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Wow! It's anazing how biology has changed in the last couple decades

United States scientists have confirmed the existence of another strain of HIV. And they say it is good news, as doctors and leaders from around the world meet in Rwanda with the hope of one day eradicating AIDS.

Can we end HIV? Find out how medications like PrEP are helping to prevent the transmission and spread of HIV, and possibly leading to its eradication.

HIV pushes the immune system to its limits. Our body's usual antiviral arsenal is coordinated, in part, by immune cells called Helper T cells. But HIV attacks Helper T cells directly, eventually leading to AIDS. In this animation, they show the cellular and molecular ...Learn More

Fighting against autoimmune diseases is a very challenging task. A novel approach consists of using antigen-specific tolerization that selectively blunt autoimmunity without compromising normal immune function. Physiological induction and maintenance of tolerance is based on the ...Learn More

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