Immunotherapy is a type of treatment that uses a person's immune system to fight diseases such as cancer. We’ll continuously share the knowledge and progress of immunotherapy, including neoantigen vaccines and CAR T-cell therapy.

Mycotoxins and GMP fermentation are two key components to consider in today's food and beverage industry. With the increasing demand for high-quality and safe food products around the globe, it's important to understand the significance of these aspects in the production process. ...Learn More

The classical mode of action of small molecule drugs is "occupancy-driven". Since the FDA approved the first oral small molecule targeted therapy for tumors-tamoxifen targeting the estrogen receptor (ER)-in 1977 for the treatment of breast cancer, small molecule drug development ...Learn More

Scytek Laboratories Inc- #1 diagnostic reagents: Special Stains, Antibodies, Microbiology ScyTek Biotech Life Sciences manufactures diagnostic reagents, Special Stains, Antibodies, Hematology, Immunohistochemistry, buffers, Microbiology, Hematoxlyn, Gram Stain kit, Methylene Blue ...Learn More

Rare diseases are characterized by their low prevalence, affecting a small number of people across the world. These diseases often come with significant challenges, including accurate diagnosis, availability of effective treatments, and limited resources for research and ...Learn More

Immunoprecipitation (IP) is a widely employed technique in molecular biology and biochemistry, enabling the isolation and concentration of specific proteins from complex mixtures. By leveraging the specificity of antibodies to selectively bind proteins, IP facilitates the study of ...Learn More

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