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Catalog No Plasmid Name Species Cloud Scientist Vote
MC_0101197 pHUC-SpRY Plant Pengcheng Wei 56
MC_0000473 pCMV-dCpf1-BE Mammalian Jia Chen 54
MC_0101196 pHUC-SpG Plant Pengcheng Wei 48
MC_0000481 pCMV-dCpf1-BE-YEE Mammalian Jia Chen 48
MC_0101198 pHUC-SpRY-eBE3 Plant Pengcheng Wei 45
MC_0009973 pSETddCpf1 Streptomyces Weihong Jiang 44
MC_0101193 pHUC-SpCas9-NRRH Plant Pengcheng Wei 42
MC_0101194 pHUC-SpCas9-NRTH Plant Pengcheng Wei 42
MC_0101195 pHUC-SpCas9-NRCH Plant Pengcheng Wei 42
MC_0000480 pCMV-dCpf1-eBE Mammalian Jia Chen 42
MC_0000474 pCMV-dCpf1-BE-YE Mammalian Jia Chen 42
MC_0101223 pP43-egfp Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 42
MC_0000014 pNICKclos1.0 Clostridium acetobutylicum Sheng Yang 42
MC_0101224 pP43-Nmcherry Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 42
MC_0101225 pDG148-Cre Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 42
MC_0101226 pHT-cga Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 42
MC_0101227 pHT-csg2 Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 42
MC_0000255 pHE34 Arabidopsis Qijun Chen 39
MC_0000783 pHUN600-polyA-SpR Plant Pengcheng Wei 36
MC_0050874 pLQ-KO-tgt-50bp Staphylococcus aureus Sheng Yang 36
MC_0101208 pEcCas E. coli Sheng Yang 32
MC_0101209 pEcgRNA E. coli Sheng Yang 28
MC_0101189 pTnsABC E. coli Sheng Yang 22
MC_0101154 pAPOBEC_nCas9_Ung Mammalian Changhao Bi 19
MC_0101094 pQCascade E. coli Sheng Yang 18
MC_0101101 pDonor-GDH E. coli Sheng Yang 17
MC_0101188 pCmv-BEACON2 Mammalian Jia Chen 15
MC_0101095 pQCascade-array1 E. coli Sheng Yang 14
MC_0101096 pQCascade-IS1 E. coli Sheng Yang 14
MC_0101097 pQCascade-IS2 E. coli Sheng Yang 14
MC_0101098 pQCascade-IS3 E. coli Sheng Yang 14
MC_0101099 pQCascade-IS186 E. coli Sheng Yang 14
MC_0101100 pQCascade-tra13 E. coli Sheng Yang 14
MC_0101104 pCutamp E. coli Sheng Yang 14
MC_0101105 pHUC411-eABE Plant Pengcheng Wei 14
MC_0101106 pHUC411-ebe3 Plant Pengcheng Wei 14
MC_0101107 pHUC411-eCDA Plant Pengcheng Wei 14
MC_0101108 pHUC411-gcccc Plant Pengcheng Wei 14
MC_0101109 pHUC411NG-gcccc Plant Pengcheng Wei 14
MC_0101187 pCmv-BEACON1 Mammalian Jia Chen 14
MC_0000001 pRed_Cas9_recA_∆poxb300 E. coli Changhao Bi 10
MC_0000588 pKR193 Yeast Kevin Roy 9
MC_0000013 pCAS1yl-trp Yarrowia lipolytica Sheng Yang 8
MC_0000261 pCAS-RK2T Pseudomonas Putida Sheng Yang 8
MC_0000472 pCMV-dCpf1-BE0 Mammalian Jia Chen 8
MC_0000478 pLb-Cpf1-pGL3-U6-sgRNA Mammalian Jia Chen 8
MC_0000614 pLCx-dCas9 Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 8
MC_0000781 pSU-araC-Cas9 E. coli Sheng Yang 8
MC_0009969 pHSP02 Lactobacillus brevis Sheng Yang 8
MC_0068784 pGreen3-iC Plant Qijun Chen 8
MC_0068761 pVS1-VIR2 Plant Qijun Chen 8
MC_0000011 pCas E. coli Sheng Yang 5
MC_0000012 pTargetF E. coli Sheng Yang 5
MC_0101072 pPUN411-ABEH Plant Pengcheng Wei 5
MC_0000018 pJYS2cm_crtYf C. glutamitum Sheng Yang 5
MC_0000244 pLCNICK Lactobacillus casei Sheng Yang 5
MC_0101074 pHT-XCR2 Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 5
MC_0068777 pG411BMZ Plant Qijun Chen 5
MC_0068763 pG3GB411-BWM Plant Qijun Chen 5
MC_0000542 pSBY3_ligD-HygR Mycobacterium smegmatis Sheng Yang 5
MC_0068650 pLCx-dcpf1 Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 5
MC_0009971 pKCCas9dO Streptomyces Weihong Jiang 5
MC_0009972 pKCCpf1 Streptomyces Weihong Jiang 5
MC_0009975 pSET-dCas9-actII-4-NT-S1 Streptomyces Weihong Jiang 5
MC_0068417 pHT-XC Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 5
MC_0068418 pHT-XCR6 Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 5
MC_0068419 pcrF11 Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 5
MC_0068421 pLCg6-dCpf1 Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 5
MC_0068422 pLCg6-dCpf1-RemA Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 5
MC_0068423 pcra2 Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 5
MC_0068424 pcra3 Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 5
MC_0068740 pMI-227 John Gladden 0
MC_0068750 pMI-pGI107 John Gladden 0
MC_0000656 pGEM-sgA-LoxP-RFP Yongxiu Yao 0

Terms and Conditions:

  • This campaign will last from September 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021.
  • This promotion campaign is not valid in Japan. For Japanese customers, please email your request to MolecularCloud directly.
  • For customers from Mainland China, the coupon is not applicable. Please contact MolecularCloud at directly to order the plasmids.
  • Only two free plasmids can be applied to an account.
  • Each account can help up to 2 friends reduce prices.
  • The promoted plasmids are only available for academic and non-profit customers for research use only.
  • Each account can vote for one plasmid per day, and can vote every day.
  • The customers need to take charge of the international shipping cost. The standard delivery of the plasmid is lyophilized DNA.
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