MolecularCloud has initiated an award-winning quiz for the topic "How much do you know about the Nobel Prize? " Take the Quiz below (Max. Marks: 15) and leave your thoughts in the comment section. Participants with the highest scores or the best comments will have a chance to win ...Learn More

Q1: How many categories of Nobel Prize are there? (1 mark)

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Which type of immunotherapy is going to take the “Holy Grail” of solid tumor, TCR, CAR-T, TIL or ADC therapy?

On Monday 5th of October 2020, the Nobel committee at Karolinska Institutet is going to be calling one or several scientists to tell them that they have been awarded the medicine Prize. In the year 2019, William G. Kaelin, Peter J. Ratcliffe, and Gregg L. Semenza conjointly won ...Learn More

The 21st Century is often said as the Era of Biotechnology, Given the current pandemic situation, the above statement seems to imply. One of the prominent and emerging fields in Biotechnology is “Synthetic Biology”, which aims to apply engineering principles to the creation of ...Learn More

Everyone is a writer

Synthetic biology has the potential to make significant impacts in almost every sector: food, medicine, agriculture, climate, energy, and materials. The global synthetic biology market is currently estimated at around $4 billion and has been forecast to grow to more than $20 ...Learn More

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