Q1: What information does the customer need to provide about the plasmid? A: The following information needs to be provided: plasmid vector, target sequence, insertion site. It is preferable to provide a full vector sequence containing the target gene. If you are not clear about ...Learn More

Breast cancer is the malignant tumor with the highest morbidity and mortality among women worldwide. At present, the main therapeutic methods include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy and targeted therapy, etc. The development and marketing of new drugs have ...Learn More

Targeted protein degradation (TPD) is a promising strategy in the field of drug discovery. In recent years, targeted protein degradation (TPD) technology has developed rapidly, especially proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC), which is the most representative technology of TPD ...Learn More

Recombinant Protein Expression in Prokaryotic cells Flyer from Alpha Lifetech Inc.

Human primary cells are cells isolated directly from human tissues. The majority of human primary cells are terminally differentiated cells with a highly specific type and high level of function. They closely mimic the physiological state of cells in vivo and are expected to ...Learn More

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