TED Talk: Cell membranes are way more complicated than you think - Nazzy Pakpour

A Journey with Five Nobel Medals: the Top Gene and Cell Therapy Discoveries Recognized over the Past Twenty Years

In a new USC study on the health effects of a low-calorie diet that mimics fasting in the body, researchers found regular five-day cycles of the diet in mice seemed to counteract the detrimental effects of their usual high-fat, high-calorie diet. The ...Learn More

Nature's smallest factory: The Calvin cycle - Cathy Symington

MolecularCloud October Quiz-Nobel Prize

Watch this narration by Yasmin Dickinson, University of Oxford, to learn more about the history of CRISPR and gene editing.

GenCRISPR™ Ultra NucleasesThe GenCRISPR Cas9 Ultra product line is a comprehensive collection of Cas-based nucleases with enhanced gene editing performance.GenScript’s Ultra product line supports progression of gene-editing research through three quality-controlled product ...Learn More

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