From December 2019 to February 2020, we successively launched four rounds' voting for most popular CRISPR plasmids on MolecularCloud. Finally more than 350 customers proactively participated in this campaign. As promised, we gave out the top 3 popular plasmids to those who voted for them for free after every round's voting. So far, more than 40 plasmids have been sent out to customers for free.

How come these plasmids are so popular? What are they designed for?

Here we invited some researchers who have created the most popular plasmids to share their stories.

Limited-time Campaign: Write comments for your favorite plasmids and get them for FREE!

Do you like the stories? Are you interested in any of the plasmids? Would you like to share your own stories of designing plasmids? Write comments on the details page of the plasmid you are interested in, you'll have chances to get them for free!

How the Campaign Works

Customers write comments on the plasmid's detail page, add the special tag (manually type the words) # I want this plasmid # with the comments.
We pick out the top 3 plasmids that got most comments with tags. The customers wrote comment for any of the top 3 plasmids will get the plasmid he/she commented for free.
MolecularCloud team will contact with the wining customers to arrange ordering and shipment of the plasmids.

List of the Plasmids Involved in the Campaign

Terms and conditions

  1. This campaign is effective between March 05,2020 to April 05,2020.
  2. Each account can write comments for more than one plasmid listed in the above table. Since we'll pick out the top 3 plasmids as free gifts, everyone has chances to get 3 free plasmids!
  3. Only the comments with the special tag # I want this plasmid # will count.
  4. The plasmids are shared with academic and nonprofit organizations for free for research use. Customers from industrial institute or attempt for commercial application could also participate in this activity, but the depositors may charge some transmittal fee for the plasmids.
  5. A representative of MolecularCloud will contact with you once the campaign is finished to arrange signing of MTA files, ordering and shipment of the plasmids.
  6. MolecularCloud will not charge the winning customers any preparation fee for the plasmids, however the winner needs to take charge of the international shipping cost. The standard delivery of the plasmid is lyophilized DNA.
  7. Contact us at if you have any questions about this campaign.