This "Biology Knowledge Online Questions with Prizes" event aims to promote sharing of knowledge and learning together. We encourage scientists, researchers, and students to answer the questions based on their expertise to help others learn from the answers.

Share your biology knowledge and win prizes by answering different questions.

Win Prize by Answering a Question

Answer the listed questions and get a lucky draw to win a prize!

  1. One user can answer several questions to open the lucky box more than once, but can ONLY draw once on the same question.
  2. The lucky draw can only be valid through an original content sharing. Behaviors such as coping other's content or deleting comment after the lucky draw are regarded as giving up the gifts.

Lucky Winners

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Terms and Conditions
  • This campaign will last from November 1st , 2021 to December 20th, 2021, EST.
  • This campaign is invalid in Japan.
  • The users who answer a question successfully will be eligible to open the lucky box.
  • One user can answer several questions, but can ONLY draw once on the same question.
  • The content posted should match the question selected.
  • We will contact the winners within one month to arrange the distribution of the gifts.
  • GenScript and MolecularCloud reserve the right of final explanation for details on this campaign. Contact us at if you have further questions.