MolecularCloud with GenScript is sponsoring 6 iGEM teams in 2020. Win the sponsorship by creating an account and voting for your team. Have your friends create accounts and vote for your team. 1 vote per account.
6 Months (April to September)
1 winner per month

Who's eligible to attend?

Any iGEM Team registered for iGEM Jamboree 2020 can participate. Anyone with a MolecularCloud account can vote.

How to participate?

Designate 1 account holder to create the team page. Make sure not to duplicate your team.
Upload pictures of your team and project description to make the page more appealing to your voters.
Share your iGEM team page to your friends to have them make an account and vote for your team.
Broadcasting your team page is the key to winning the sponsorship.
Vote by viewing the iGEM team page and clicking the Vote button.

What's the award?


A bonus team award sponsorship


GenScript products and services

Terms and conditions >>

Using fake email accounts that do not exist or are from non-consenting individuals is counted as cheating. Any votes obtained by email accounts that do not exist will be removed from the vote tally of your team. Depending on the severity, a team may be disqualified.

How to Vote:

  1. Register an account with MolecularCloud
  2. Search for or add your team
  3. View the profile, and vote for them
  4. 1 vote per account
  5. Share to others to vote for your team