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  • Level 1:  What’s the difference between gene therapy and cell therapy?
  • Level 1:  What are the diseases can be treated by gene and cell therapy currently?
  • Level 1:  What are the major technical obstacles to develop gene and cell therapy?
  • Level 2:  What are the ethical issues surrounding gene and cell therapy?
  • Level 2:  What are we going to see from gene and cell therapy in the near future?
  • Rewards for Level 1 questions

  • Rewards for Level 2 questions

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Winners of the Seventh Round

Elizabeth Gabriela Macedo Flores How to choose the right CRISPR-Cas9 delivery method? Just as important as good sgRNA design is the choice of a conducive to the introduction of the genome editing tool based on cell type that you want to modify in order to successfully achieve the change in the target gene....
Ana Luiza Dias Abdo Agamme How to perform a CRISPR knockout experiment? CRISPR/Cas9 is an essential tool for generating genetic models for preclinical research, developing new treatments for genetic diseases, and modifying the genome of plants and animals...
Qian Zhang How to reduce off-target effects and increase CRISPR editing efficiency? As an emerging editing tool, CRISPR has attracted extensive attention in recent decades. However, its use has been largely limited due to its natural off-target effect…
Razeem MH How to reduce off-target effects and increase CRISPR editing efficiency? Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/Cas9 emerged as a substantial tool due to its simplicity in use, less cost and extraordinary efficiency than the conventional gene-editing tools...
Merin Kurian How to choose the right CRISPR-Cas9 delivery method? Currently, there are several methods for delivering CRISPR systems in vivo and in vitro. Both delivery vectors and physical methods are widely implemented for the efficient delivery of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing...
Iwin Joseph How to design gRNA for CRISPR genome editing? The gRNA guides the CRIPR Cas9 system to the right genomic location for performing a double strand break…

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