Our Mission

Facilitate innovation in biology by promoting sharing of wisdom, supporting conversations among researchers, and continuously making impact in the scientific community.

How We Help?

Centralizing Wisdom

Through sharing and depositing information and ideas in an open-access platform, wisdom is centralized. This will maximize convenience and minimize the cost of obtaining data and know-how as well as transferring bio-material, whether within academia or from academia to industry. With this novel centralized portal, you have easy access to all shared intelligence.

Supporting Conversation

At MolecularCloud, you are free to post, comment, cite, ask questions, or even endorse the corresponding scientist with your data and publications.

Conversations happen in real-time. You can follow your favorite scientists, biomaterials and trending topics, and receive notifications on all conversations about them as well. You will never miss out on any updates within the community.

Making Impact

MolecularCloud is also projecting to promote the new findings and consequently maximize the impact not only to the academic research but also to the industrial applications.

What’s more important is that we encourage the young generation to share their ideas, views and innovations with the community to unlock the imagination and inspiration, which results in speeding up the research journey of the global community.

Regardless of your specialization, when you land onto MolecularCloud, we help making impact over the world.

Enabling Community

Our namesake comes from an interstellar cloud, a stellar nursery where new stars or planetary systems are formed. By developing MolecularCloud as an all-inclusive platform supported by intuitive tools and advanced networking features, we aim to foster and nurture researchers into an enabled community where the exchange of biomaterials and ideas can promote innovation in biology. Learn More about smart sharing on the MolecularCloud.

Who We Are?

MolecularCloud is a free and open-access platform where scientists can access, find and share biological materials, learn about their applications, and participate in conversations within the community of users. We provide the plasmid repository and management services to researchers around the world to help promote innovation in biology.

Taking DNA plasmid as an example, the MolecularCloud platform includes the free, online GenSmartTM Design tool, which allows users to request and modify plasmids for their own research projects. MolecularCloud also incorporates GenScript’s life science portfolios, which support the storage and distribution features of the platform with industry-leading quality.

The intellectual property of all deposited and shared material on MolecularCloud belongs to their original creator. Neither GenScript or MolecularCloud owns any part of the intellectual property. Plasmids are offered for a nominal fee to cover operational costs. Requests for any modifications or additional services will infer additional costs.

MolecularCloud Team

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