Do you write a lot? Are you looking for a platform where you can show your research, expertise or ideas freely?
If so, welcome to join MolecularCloud and be a freelance online writer! You can get great rewards at the same time!

We are looking for

  • Qualified and experienced students, doctors, scientists or researchers with excellent writing and editing skills;
  • Those who have educational background on Biology, Medicine, Food Science, or any field related with life sciences;
  • Those who would like to promote their study and share technical experience with others;
  • Those who love writing and have strong interests in creating popular content.

How we work

  • Freelance writers can work from anywhere;
  • Send your articles, videos, pictures or other format of content via email to MolecularCloud content team for review;
  • Once your content was accepted and published online, you’ll get a gift card as reward.


We can now provide gift e-cards
for each qualified article, video
or other format of content.

Apply as a freelance
scientific writer today!


Terms and conditions

  • Applicants can also send their resumes or a sample of writing to MolecularCloud content team at We’ll respond within 48 hours once received the application.
  • For Chinese writers, the amazon gift card could be changed to JD gift card.
  • For other regions where amazon gift card is not applicable, the reward could be changed to GenScript service coupon.
  • The reward will be sent via email to the writer within two weeks after the content was published online.
  • MolecularCloud reserves the right of final interpretation of this program. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at