Elizabeth Gabriela Macedo Flores

I am a university girl who loves to do research on the Human Genome and its modification for the better. Interested in related topics if you want support in a research I will be willing to support  

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Yogurt forms when bacteria ferment the milk sugar, known as lactose, into lactic acid. The lactic acid makes the milk more acidic (lower pH) causing the proteins to coagulate. Figure 1. The nutrition facts for whole milk yogurt. The acidity of yogurt tends to be in the range of pH ...Learn More

The aim of the bread fermentation is to enable the dough (bread, pizza, cake….) to rise. When the dough is in a hot atmosphere (30-40 ° C), an alcoholic fermentation occurs as yeast or leaven is added and carbon dioxide is released. The CO2 bubbles produced, alter the dough ...Learn More

Both plant and animal cells are eukaryotic, so they contain membrane bound organelles like the nucleus and mitochondria.However, plant cells and animal cells do not look exactly the same or have all of the same organelles, since they each have different needs. For example, plant ...Learn More

The coloured and visible part of mould is the fungus’s propagation workshop. The round spores (conidia) are spread in the air or transmitted by people. On finding a suitable substrate, the spores start to germinate and grow into the food. The tubular fungi then start to grow ...Learn More

Prokaryotic cells comprise bacteria and archaea. They typically have a diameter of 0.1–5 μm, and their DNA is not contained within a nucleus. Instead, their DNA is circular and can be found in a region called the nucleoid, which floats in the cytoplasm. Prokaryotes are ...Learn More

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