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Q: What are the free tools for plasmid design and mapping?Some of the free tools for plasmid design and mapping are following:1. GenScript2. Molecular Cloud - Gensmart3. SnapGene4. Benchling5. A Plasmid Editor ...Learn More

Q: How many cloning methods have been developed? . There are two main methods of cloning a DNA fragmen, namely Molecular Cloning and PCR (Polymerised Chain Reaction)The fundamental difference between the two methods is that molecular cloning involves replication of the DNA in a ...Learn More

Q: What are the facts that determine plasmid copy number? The copy number refers to the number of molecules of an individual plasmid that are normally found in a single bacterial cell. The factors that control copy number are not well understood. Some plasmids, especially the ...Learn More

Q: What are the components of a plasmid vector?Components of a plasmid vector are: Ori (Origin of replication) :The DNA sequence which allows initiation of replication by recruiting transcriptional machinery proteins.Insert (Multiple Cloning Site): an element on the plasmid ...Learn More

Q: What is the difference between a plasmid and a vector? Plasmids are circular molecules of DNA that are present in the bacterial cell, but are not part genomic DNA (extra chromosoamal). Plasmids almost always carry one or more genes, and often these genes are responsible for ...Learn More

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