Smart Sharing

The open exchange of biomaterials and knowledge fosters innovation within the scientific community. On MolecularCloud, plasmids will be available to the scientific community for research purposes only. Users have the option to choose how to share their plasmids on our platform, by either providing streamlined access offered by the OpenMTA, or under a traditional UBMTA. MolecularCloud is the first platform to endorse OpenMTA, and one of the largest material sharing platforms to use the document.

Why choose MolecularCloud?

  • Freedom to share materials to researchers from both academia and industry all over the world
  • Save time normally associated with traditional material transfers
  • Open access to research materials without any royalties or fees while protecting the ownership rights of the provider
**All referenced information regarding the OpenMTA is the collaborative work of the BioBricks Foundation and the OpenPlant Initiative. For additional information please visit