Jyotsna Radhika Giddaluri

A science enthusiast and nanobiologist, with 6 years experience in designing, developing and optimizing in vitro assays to evaluate the inflammatory responses of nanoparticles. Experienced in working with cross-functional and international collaborators to combine the cutting-edge technologies like nanotechnology, proteomics, stem cell biology and animal model studies to bring in new insights into understanding the effects of nanoparticles.·         


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The announcement of the Nobel Prize winners for the year 2020, in the fields of chemistry, physics, medicine and physiology, literature, peace and prize for economics, is around the corner and this got me wondering if there was a Nobel Prize awarded to scientists for their ...Learn More

The human society today is facing a difficult situation in the form of the corona pandemic and scientists across the world have been striving to find different ways to deal with this new SARS-CoV-2 virus that seems to present with varied respiratory symptoms. Nevertheless, there ...Learn More

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