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Patrick Miller-Rhodes is a PhD student at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Patrick is also a proficient scientific content writer with 7 years of writing experience. He uses the broad technical knowledge base he gained during his graduate studies to translate complex scientific concepts into plain and compelling language for educational and marketing purposes. His experience includes authoring scientific blog content for an online magazine as well as branded content showcasing the gene editing products and services of a renowned biotech company. Now Patrick is one of MolecularCloud platform’s freelance scientific writers.

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The university of rochester medical center

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CRISPR gene engineering 0 Mammalian cell culture 0 Molecular cloning 0 Nucleic acid purification 0 PCR, Western Blotting 0 Stable cell line generation 0 In vivo mouse models 0 Lentiviral production and transduction 0 Statistical analysis (GraphPad, JMP, R) 0 Microsoft Office, iWork 0


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Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province in central China, experienced a pneumonia outbreak near the end of 2019. In the following months, several high-profile papers reported the etiological agent of this outbreak— a novel, zoonotic coronavirus now called severe acute ...Learn More

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