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I am biological engineer immersed in the thrilling synthetic biology field!. I have been working mainly with cell-free synthetic biology already for three years, both during my master and now in my PhD. Currently, my research focuses on the development of a synthetic cell from an evolutionary perspective. I am implementing in vitro directed evolution tools to recreate natural selection and introduce the ability to evolve as a must for building a minimal cell. In addition to doing research, I also enjoy sharing and discussing science. I believe that everyone should know how cool it is!. As part of the freelance scientific writing community here on MolecularCloud, I will be happily sharing and discussing ground-breaking news about science and technology developments.

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How about engineering biology? More than half a century ago, scientists asked themselves the same question. In the 1950’s, biological systems were explored for several industrial applications, and natural catalysts started to be considered over traditional chemical ones. ...Learn More

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