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Qin (Gloria) Han is a scientific writer at MolecularCloud.She has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and great passion to all the advanced genome editing technologies.

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GenScript now offers high quality, sequence verified HDR templates (GenExact™ ssDNA and closed end GenWand™ dsDNA) for maximizing the editing efficiency of your CRISPR experiments.

Designing and manufacturing CRISPR gene editing ingredients (e.g., gRNA, Cas9 protein or plasmid DNA) is not complicated now, but before the materials can execute a therapy, they must reach the target site. Typically viral vectors are used to deliver CRISPR agents with high ...Learn More

EXPERT aims at developing a new off-the-shelf delivery system for RNA-based nanomedicines to treat cancer and cardiovascular disease. In the long term, the platform technology could be used for improving diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients with several other diseases. ...Learn More

Researchers have designed an mRNA vaccine that delayed the onset and reduced the severity of multiple sclerosis-like disease in mice. The vaccine restores the body’s tolerance to its own proteins, suppressing the disease's immune overreactivity. Corresponding author of this ...Learn More

"Synthetic biology is among the most hyped research topics this century, and in 2010 it entered its teenage years. But rather than these being a problematic time, we’ve seen synthetic biology blossom and deliver many new technologies and landmark achievements." ---- Fankang Meng ...Learn More

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