Pavithra Periswamy

I am a Genetics post Graduate, an enthusiastic learner desirous to contribute through my writing skills, and a health care blogger, with a demonstrated history of working within the healthcare-based clinical research industry. Skilled in working on various types of writing, attention to detail, and having a goal of sharing scientific knowledge to all and sundry inquisitive people. A clear understanding of the concept. Impelled to learn, grow, and excel in Life science.

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The story of E K Janaki Ammal has inclined me in both personal and professional perspectives. E K Janaki Ammal was an illustrious Indian woman, who compels significant contributions to genetic science, evolution, phytogeography, and ethnobotany.India is a land of contradictions ...Learn More

Synthetic biology is a new discipline that aims to use engineering principles to the creation of biological systems. Significant milestones achieved to date have enclosed the development of a written record of standardized biological components and the creation of a replicating ...Learn More

On Monday 5th of October 2020, the Nobel committee at Karolinska Institutet is going to be calling one or several scientists to tell them that they have been awarded the medicine Prize. In the year 2019, William G. Kaelin, Peter J. Ratcliffe, and Gregg L. Semenza conjointly won ...Learn More

IntroductionIf you're one among the many researchers who have solely used a single expression vector just because it’s the one you're familiar with and it's easy to create new constructs by altering the gene insert. By this article, you may come away feeling assured to tinker ...Learn More

IntroductionSynthetic biology is an interdisciplinary field, best outlined as engineered solutions inspired by biology to make renewable, biodegradable, and safe materials. Synthetic biology has found applications in many areas, together with healthcare, agriculture, and ...Learn More

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