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How CRISPR lets us edit our DNA | Jennifer Doudna

There are two methods to purify polyclonal antiserum or monoclonal ascites tissue culture supernatant. Protein A/G (Protein A or protein G) purification is mainly to utilize the high affinity of Staphylococcus aureus protein A or Staphylococcus protein G to the immunoglobulin Fc ...Learn More

Proteins, unlike DNA which can be relatively easily synthesized, must be produced using complex mixtures derived from cells or using live cells. There are some types of expression systems used for protein production and purification, including bacterial, insect, mammalian, yeast ...Learn More

Today, I saw an interesting question to share with you here. What if the protein can't be expressed and purified in E. coli system? Here are a few things can be done to solve the problem: (1) codon optimization is recommended if it has not been; (2) remove the transmembrane ...Learn More

If you missed A Guide on RNP System for CRISPR Editing(1), we will attach it here. You can find the information about how to prepare RNA oligos and RNP complex. Today, this issue covers topics on:l How to test RNP efficacy in cells, through either cationic lipid-mediated ...Learn More

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