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2021's Breakthroughs in Neuroscience and Other Biology

The protein for crystallization should be homogeneous and >90% purity. The purity of protein shall be checked by HPLC or MS before crystallization. The DLS (dynamic light scattering) result is helpful but not required. The minimum amount is 10ug/ul * 300ul.

The NH2 group of Arg and Lys can be methylated. NH2 group of other N-terminal amino acid can also be methylated. Arg can be methylated once or twice while Lysine can be methylated up to three times. ...Learn More

When it comes to fighting cancer, the most important battle happens in the immune system – and leading this fight are T cells, the soldiers of the immune system. CAR T cell therapy is one way City of Hope scientists are empowering a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. ...Learn More

In chemical terms, a counterion is an ion of opposite charge to another ion in a solution or an electrochemical system. In peptide synthesis, counterions such as TFA are used for solubility and HPLC separation. Most peptides except those that do not have basic amino acids such as ...Learn More

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