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The third COVID vaccine authorized in the U.S. works differently from the first two. Find out how viral vector vaccines work and how they’re different from mRNA vaccines.

Dr. Zuris discussed the rationale and approach for generating a new AsCas12a variant or AsCas12 ULTRA, how the newly developed variant compares in activity and specificity against other nucleases, and its application to T and NK cell gene editing.Dr. Zuris highlighted how the ...Learn More

The Nobel Prize announcements 2021The prize-awarding institutions have decided to announce their 2021 prize decisions as follows:PHYSIOLOGY OR MEDICINE – Monday 4 October, 11:30 CEST at the earliestThe Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet, Wallenbergsalen, Nobel Forum, Nobels ...Learn More

Online now! Group 3 innate lymphoid cells regulate adaptive immunity, shape microbiota composition, and protect from tumor progression and colorectal cancer immunotherapy resistance Link:

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