Varieties of photocatalysts for multiple fields, especially in environment and energy, and for both research and industrial manufacturing use. The newly emerging discipline of photocatalysis promises a solution to challenges associated with light, energy and environment. This is ...Learn More

Instruments and techniques are of vital importance in analytical testing. A diversified instrument testing platform, which is widely-encompassing, professional and application-specific, can be of great help for research. Based on usage and application areas, the instrument testing ...Learn More

With the prevalence of 3D printing technology, the demand for 3D printing materials has been increased. The materials used for 3D printing are diverse, with glass materials, fiber materials, durable nylon materials, gypsum materials, aluminum materials, titanium alloys, stainless ...Learn More

The discovery of new materials with desirable properties in the field of materials science used to heavily depend on laboratory experiments and trial-and-error methods. Yet, the introduction of computational chemistry has completely changed this process by giving researchers the ...Learn More

The patient recruitment and retention services market is estimated to be worth USD 26 billion in 2035, predicts Roots Analysis. Owing to the growing number of clinical trials and complexities associated with patient enrollment, drug developers are increasingly relying on patient ...Learn More

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