When parts or the whole of certain tissues or organs fail, there are several options for treatment, including repair, replacement with a synthetic or natural substitute, or regeneration. The fabrication of cell scaffold with hydrogel that derived from natural polymer materials is ...Learn More

KMD Bioscience provides high-quality, camel-derived VHH antibody phage display library construction services. We insist on using the QbD (Quality by Design) design principles of human vaccines and biopharmaceuticals and based on understanding and respecting ICH principles, design ...Learn More

Amerigo Scientific, a distributor focused on providing critical products and services to biomedical and life science communities, is proud to announce the release of its environmental sampling bootie, the EnviroBootie. This innovative bootie is specifically designed for use in ...Learn More

A humanized antibody is an antibody from a non-human species that has been modified to increase its similarity to antibodies produced naturally in humans. This modification process involves retaining only the antigen-binding sites (complementarity-determining regions, CDRs) from ...Learn More

Antibody humanization strategies are critical for developing therapeutic antibodies that are effective and minimally immunogenic in humans. These strategies aim to reduce the immune response against therapeutic antibodies derived from non-human species, typically mice. The three ...Learn More

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