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MolecularCloud plasmid repository includes plasmids shared by researchers, gRNA plasmids and ORF plasmids from GenScript. We are dedicated to facilitating your research while saving time and money.

Hello everyone, Can anyone recommend a plasmid that has dual expression in both mammalian and bacterial systems, ideally with inducible transcriptional control? Currently doing everything in parallel and looking to save time and money in the future by combining all the cloning ...Learn More

Q: What are the facts that determine plasmid copy number? The copy number refers to the number of molecules of an individual plasmid that are normally found in a single bacterial cell. The factors that control copy number are not well understood. Some plasmids, especially the ...Learn More

Q: What are the components of a plasmid vector?Components of a plasmid vector are: Ori (Origin of replication) :The DNA sequence which allows initiation of replication by recruiting transcriptional machinery proteins.Insert (Multiple Cloning Site): an element on the plasmid ...Learn More

MulticopyChromosomal Integration Using CRISPR-Associated TransposasesControlling the copy number of gene expression cassettes is an important strategy to engineer bacterial cells into high-efficiency biocatalysts. Current strategies mostly use plasmid vectors, but multicopy ...Learn More

In the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology studies, we generally use the plasmid vector to deliver the target genes into mammalian cells by transfection method in the laboratory. Based on the functions and usages, plasmid vectors are usually divided into cloning vectors and ...Learn More

What is plasmid deposit?

MolecularCloud plasmid deposits provide free lifetime plasmid storage service. In additional, through personal management center, you can choose whether to show and share your plasmids to scientists around the world. Plasmid sharing will maximize the value of the plasmid, promote your research, and promote collaboration between industry and research.

Workflow of online plasmid deposit?

  • Submit the basic information of plasmid(s)

  • Sign the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

  • Mail your plasmid(s) to MolecularCloud

  • QA by MolecularCloud

  • MolecularCloud prepare plasmid and send to the scientist

  • Other scientists request plasmid and sign MTA

  • Storage and share

  • Choose whether to share your plasmids

  • Only storage

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