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MolecularCloud plasmid repository includes plasmids shared by researchers, gRNA plasmids and ORF plasmids from GenScript. We are dedicated to facilitating your research while saving time and money.

Lipids, a broad group of naturally occurring molecules, continue to play a significant role in various chemical processes. The analysis and characterization of lipids are critical steps in achieving effective chemical practices in several industries, including the chemical ...Learn More

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The world of biotechnology has been significantly revolutionized by the advent of recombinant protein expression, with E. coli systems standing at the forefront of this revolution. E. coli, a workhorse in the field, is favored for its simplicity, rapid growth, and ...Learn More

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the success of mRNA vaccines has greatly propelled the development of mRNA therapeutics. mRNA is a negatively charged nucleic acid that serves as a template for protein synthesis in ribosomes. Despite its utility, the instability of mRNA necessitates ...Learn More

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What is plasmid deposit?

MolecularCloud plasmid deposits provide free lifetime plasmid storage service. In additional, through personal management center, you can choose whether to show and share your plasmids to scientists around the world. Plasmid sharing will maximize the value of the plasmid, promote your research, and promote collaboration between industry and research.

Workflow of online plasmid deposit?

  • Submit the basic information of plasmid(s)

  • Sign the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

  • Mail your plasmid(s) to MolecularCloud

  • QA by MolecularCloud

  • MolecularCloud prepare plasmid and send to the scientist

  • Other scientists request plasmid and sign MTA

  • Storage and share

  • Choose whether to share your plasmids

  • Only storage

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