MolecularCloud is a platform where scientists can share plasmids with other scientists. In addition, this platform can be used as educational resources that highlight new concepts in biological sciences and provide access to experimental protocols, bioinformatics tools, webinars and podcasts.

MolecularCloud promotes researchers to share their stories and their professional expertise. Join us and send your manuscript to, once your manuscript is selected, you will receive the surprise gift from MolecularCloud.

What and How
Bioinformatics Tools

Several decades have passed since the birth of molecular biology, yet the list of its key definitions and concepts keep expanding. Review the following list of #What to freshen up what you already know or learn about the new ones you have never heard of. To Make Research Easy, MolecularCloud platform provides a large database of useful protocols. Review the following list of #How to get the protocols to help you with your current or future experiments.