First Author Conversations Podcast

Episode 2: T Cell Stemness
TIL Frequency & Tumor Reactivity

Genome editing technologies have proliferated in recent years as have different types of immunotherapies. What possibilities exist at the intersection of these advances? In this episode Tracy interviews Theo Roth, Marson Lab at UCSF.

Theo is the first author on a recent paper in Nature entitled Reprogramming Human T-Cell Function and Specificity With Non Viral Genome Targeting.

In recent episodes of this podcast we have discussed manipulating the stemness of T-cells as well as identifying populations of T-cells that are reactive to tumor neo-antigens. Here, we are talking about rapidly engineering immune cell genomes. How quickly can in be done (in terms of helping a patient) and what are the limitations on the scale of changes that could be made? Can it be done without the use of viral vectors?

Theo describes the work to "knock-in" new sequences and ensure they integrate in the correct locations, under the correct regulation.