What is the F1 Ori?

The replicon is comprised of the origin of replication (ori) and all of its control elements. The ori is the place where DNA replication begins, enabling a plasmid to reproduce itself as it must to survive within cells (Addgene). 

F1 is a phage-derived ori that allows for the replication and packaging of ssDNA into phage particles. Plasmids with phage-derived ori's are referred to as phagemids. The origin of DNA replication of bacteriophage f1 functions as a signal, not only for initiation of viral strand synthesis but also for its termination (GP Dotto et.al, 1984).

Here is a part named f1 ori on MolecularCloud. The information as follows:

Part Name: f1 ori

Description: f1 bacteriophage origin of replication; arrow indicates direction of (+) strand synthesis

Size (bp):  359


         1 acgcgccctg tagcggcgca ttaagcgcgg cgggtgtggt ggttacgcgc agcgtgaccg

       61 ctacacttgc cagcgcccta gcgcccgctc ctttcgcttt cttcccttcc tttctcgcca

      121 cgttcgccgg ctttccccgt caagctctaa atcgggggct ccctttaggg ttccgattta

      181 gtgctttacg gcacctcgac cccaaaaaac ttgattaggg tgatggttca cgtagtgggc

      241 catcgccctg atagacggtt tttcgccctt tgacgttgga gtccacgttc tttaatagtg

      301 gactcttgtt ccaaactgga acaacactca accctatctc ggtctattct tttgattta

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