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I am a project technician works over molecular biology and biotechnology. My research mainly focused on quantitative PCR, regular PCR for gene expression analysis.

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The Cancer Immunity Cycle – A description of how the immune system fights cancer

Dear Friends!! I have prepared a DNA picture using the beans on which my research is based upon. These crops are necessary for our healthy life and their related products. Please vote for my entry if you find my idea is a good thought for moving forward. Below is the link: ...Learn More

Being a non-biologists it is always logical to ask how plants get their food? who prepare the food for them? where the food process for them? With this blog, I would try to answer these questions which will also provide the answer how plant cell and animal cells differ from each ...Learn More

The major difference between gene and cell therapy is the way they used to delivered the content to the patients. In cell therapy the whole/intact cells used to transfer which contains the medicine or other related material to relieve the patients from the disease burden. This can ...Learn More

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