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Post-Doctoral Researcher in Bioinformatics and Adjunct Faculty at Department of Biological Sciences. I have completed my Ph.D. In Biological Sciences from UNC Charlotte at May, 2020.My present research focus upon testing of wastewater for SARS-COVID-19 detection and during my Ph.D. I was working on soybeans to improve its quality and survival from pests and to enhance its economical and medicinal value for human health.

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Before we explored the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells we should understand what nucleus is. Nucleus commonly exists in the center of a cell and controls the whole coordination and working capacity of it similar to human brain. They also contains the genetic ...Learn More

Gene and cell therapy holds amazing and a vast range of treatments to treat the list of diseases from which people are suffering since long time. There are some evidences exist which shows the treatment of Hemophilia, Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes including others those has been treated ...Learn More

The aim of gene and cell therapy are somehow found nearly similar. They both mainly utilize in the treatment of genetic disease, or acquired diseases. Genetic diseases which someone got from their genes or in simple word through heredity (i.e. from one generation to another ...Learn More

Dr. Kary Banks Mullis: Inventor of PCRA. Background: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique is like a miracle for researchers who work in the fields of biotechnology, biology and other related disciplines. This technique acts like a magnifying lens and allows researchers to ...Learn More

DeepClip, I have tried this tool for Neural Network Analysis and its wonderful to work with. Great Tool which you can also try to learn and for your sequencing analysis and comparison. I am very pleased with Molecular Cloud effort to provide the details about it in the November ...Learn More

  1. ·       Book(s): 01; Research Articles: 12; Review Articles: 03; Conference Proceedings: 01; Abstracts: 19; Oral and Poster Talks: 15; ·       Zhang, H., Mittal, N., Leamy, L.J., Barazani, Oz and Song, B.H. (2017). Back into the Wild – Apply untapped genetic diversity of wild relatives for crop improvement. Evolutionary Applications, 10: 5- 24. doi: 10.1111/eva.12434. ·       Mittal, N., Varshney, V.K., Song, B.H. and Ginwal, H.S. (2015). High levels of diversity in the phytochemistry, ploidy and genetics of the medicinal plant Acorus calamus L. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Journal, S1: 002. doi:10.4172/2167-0412.S1-002. ·       Mittal, N., Maurya, S.S. and Ginwal, H.S. (2009) Advantage of molecular markers over chemical and morphological markers in herbal medicines. Proceedings of IVth National Forestry Conference (FRI Dehradun, 9-11 November 2009) Theme 2- Sustainable Forest Management, pp. 231-235·       Ginwal, H.S., Mittal, N., Maurya, S.S., Barthwal, S. and Bhatt P. (2011) Genomic DNA isolation and identification of chloroplast microsatellite markers in Asparagus racemosus Willd. through cross amplification. Indian Journal of Biotechnology, 10: 33-38. ·       Mittal N., Ginwal, H.S. and Barthwal, S. (2008) Successful amplification of chloroplast microsatellite markers in sweet flag (Acorus calamus L.) for population genetic diversity analysis. ·       Proceedings of IIIrd Uttarakhand State Science and Technology Congress (IIT Roorkee 10-11 November 2008) in Science and Technology in Uttarakhand, Macmillan Publishers India Ltd., pp 155-164.


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