What are the major technical obstacles to develop gene and cell therapy?

The gene and cell therapies has immense value for medical science and holds enormous potential to treat the genetic disorders and auto immune disease which are hard or nearly impossible to treat from other ways of medicine. However, these progressive therapies has various technical obstacles in their development which includes issues in the way of delivery, financial, social concerns including others. I am going to explain some of the major hurdles of these therapies in this article which are major concerns and definitely needs to shed light over it. These includes:

1. Delivery Concerns: The way cell and gene therapy mainly works is that either the cells or genetic material needs to transfer in the patients body for the disease treatment by healing the infected area, which mainly achieved by transplanting through injection or grafting including other ways. This raise several issues like how successfully it is going to deliver at the targeted area and how this delivery going to impact the patients immunity and body functionality in respect of the side effects and for the other body parts and internal organs.

2. Ethical Concerns: Some scientists and researchers have the debate since a long time over the topic of ethical issues about genetic engineering which is a base of the cell and gene therapies as these also works over the similar basic concept with genetic engineering. People generally ask whether it is ethical to modify or redesign the genetic or cellular structure of the human body? In respect to treat someone and to help them from coming out the pain it its yes but some people try to take the disadvantage of these techniques to modify the body for the regeneration of a powerful or super human cells for example the concept of the designer babies which is not required in general and these humans can have the negative impact over the society.

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You have explained in a very concise manner the technical concerns about the cell and gene therapy

Rightly described the various technical obstacles of gene and cell therapy

There can be more technical points for these therapies but here you have explained the most important ones in an perfect manner

Happy to read about these points!

Good to read this article.

A very powerful description

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