What are the diseases can be treated by gene and cell therapy currently?

Gene and cell therapy holds amazing and a vast range of treatments to treat the list of diseases from which people are suffering since long time. There are some evidences exist which shows the treatment of Hemophilia, Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes including others those has been treated by cell and gene therapy presently. Though so far Luxturna is the only medicine which has been approved by the FDA for gene therapy treatment for genetic disorders and in U.S. these are under the clinical trial as well.

Whereas, cell therapy has some major advantages over the gene therapy because of the stem cell treatment. Patients who can get benefit from the treatment through the stem cells they can get protection from the cell therapy for the diseases like spinal cord injuries, type 1 diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and heart diseases. But there are some restrictions to get treated by the stem cell therapy as well. 

So, every treatment has their pros and cons but stem cell or gene therapy will be the future of medicine if someone get benefitted from these treatments for their better survival and healthy lives.

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This is good to understand the concepts about disease treatment from the cell and gene therapies. Scientists like you are the life saver in this pandemic situation

Explained very well Neha, this needs to be understand that these therapies are excellent if performed in a right manner.

Again a good piece of work to understand the complex subject in to the simple words

Awesome Job!!! You have explained the uses of these therapy in a perfect manner!!!

Your articles are always a treat to read

Described in a righteous manner..... happy to read....

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