What are the differences between animal and plant cells?

Being a non-biologists it is always logical to ask how plants get their food? who prepare the food for them? where the food process for them? With this blog, I would try to answer these questions which will also provide the answer how plant cell and animal cells differ from each other:

1. How plants get their food?

Plants can produce their own food (like our moms) within their cells. They use water, sunlight, and carbon-dioxide gas as raw materials and convert them in to the simple sugars (glucose) which consumed by the plant cells to get energy, and to perform their vital activity. This mechanism is found absent in the animal cells as they use plants produced foods to get energy and for their survival. 

2. Who prepare the food for plant cells?

Plant cells prepare their food by themselves and known as autotrophs. Whereas, animal cells depend on plant cells for their food and known as heterotrophs.

3. Where food processing takes place in the plant cells?

To convert the raw material in to sugars plant cells needs a kitchen inside them. The function of kitchen perform by the chloroplast with in the plant cells. Chloroplast is an organelle which contains a pigment known as chlorophyll which absorbs sunlight and help to produce sugar in the presence of sun light. This process known as photosynthesis which is found unique to green plants and doesn't exists in the animal cells.

Beside the food production plant and animal cells are also found different in their cell shape. Plant cells are found rectangular in shape whereas animal cells are spherical. Plant cell also contain multilayer covering including cell membrane and cell wall for their protection, however, animal cells just contain the cell membranes.These are the major differences exists between plant and animal cells which shows how unique plant cells are and without them the survival of other organisms would be very hard.

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You have made the differences in simple words and writing which is a treat for the readers.

I enjoyed the article for reading about the biological concepts

Very happy to read. Understand very well the differences

Explained in simple words the differences which can understand by an non-biologists also

Excellent way to describe the importance of the plants which helps non-biologists to understand their importance and cellular and structural level very clearly and precisely.

Comprehensively explained the difference between animal and plant cells. It's very easy to understand and digest the major differences of these two cells after reading your work.

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