Ternary Vector System

Our current research focuses on the plant gene editing with the ternary vector system. Recently, we developed a novel ternary vector system to integrate the MR (Morphogenic Regulator) and CRISPR/Cas modules. This ternary vector system is composed of new pGreen-like binary vectors including pGreen3 and a pVS1-based virulence helper plasmid, which also functions as a replication helper for the pGreen3 vectors in Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

The plasmids, manual  and tips can be found in my personal page. Leave your comments if you have any questions about our research.

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Really good to have Dr. Chen share this ternary vecror system here. More and more crispr/cas genome editing systems have been developed to manipulate plant genome. Hope the community will have more approaches to help with the genome editing of the complicated grass crops/plants like corn, wheat. Appreciate!