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Marketing Director at GenScript.Led team to develop GenSmart Platform including Instant Quote, Design and Codon Optimization, and MolecularCloud platform. Innovations advance our life!

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Still struggling with your daily chaos in lab? Slow progress on your experiments and manuscript? Why not try something new? We developed GenSmart portals to help you. Work like an elite!

When I was doing my Ph.d, I took a course "Molecular Biology of The Cell". DNA methylation is stated as one of the epigenetic mechanisms that cells use to regulate gene expression. Typically, it is caused by adding a methyl (CH3) group to DNA and commonly observed in eukaryotic ...Learn More

I would like to share a webinar given by our Field Application Scientist Dr. Wang from our APAC team, entitled as "Detection Method for COVID-19 and Vaccine Development Progress".

Neoantigens are stated as the antigens that have not been previously recognized by the immune system. Typically, neoantigens are encoded by tumor-specific mutated genes and have been recognized as new approach to cope with cancer. Besides of specificity, the turnaround time ...Learn More

Dr. Linfa Wang introduced "COVID-19 and emerging bat zoonotic viruses (EBZV) in a quarter of century". The more you understand the science, the stronger you are when facing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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