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Watch the webinars and gain information regarding strategies, techniques, services, and products that can streamline your research and help you avoid common pitfalls in experimental design and implementation.

I would like to share a webinar given by our Field Application Scientist Dr. Wang from our APAC team, entitled as "Detection Method for COVID-19 and Vaccine Development Progress".

Dr. Linfa Wang introduced "COVID-19 and emerging bat zoonotic viruses (EBZV) in a quarter of century". The more you understand the science, the stronger you are when facing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some common medicines, such as insulin, are made of proteins so large and fragile that they need to be injected instead of ingested as pills. But a new generation of medicine -- made from smaller, more durable proteins known as peptides -- is on its way!

Does your research involve peptides, and do you often find yourself purchasing different combinations over and over for your experiments? Peptide libraries can vastly decrease screening time and research accuracy by providing hundreds of peptides in parallel. As a result, they ...Learn More

This webinar will provide practical guidance for choosing the optimal protein or peptide immunogen for antibody production. The generation of a custom polyclonal antibody can be accomplished using two primary approaches. The first is the use of a full-length protein as an ...Learn More

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