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SummaryNew immunotherapy strategies are needed to counter the challenges imposed by the solid tumor microenvironment. Çuburu et al. have developed a new approach that is independent of tumor antigens and effective in mobilizing and activating various immune cells to target the ...Learn More

SummaryResearchers from the National Institutes of Health, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Wenzhou Medical University have recently co-developed a next-generation adenine base editor (ABE) with maximized editing accuracy and adequate editing efficiency in plant and human ...Learn More

Gene and cell therapy (GCT) is one of the fastest growing segments in the biopharmaceutical industry. Starting first with the approval and use for autologous CD54+ antigen presenting cells by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), followed by several other allogeneic ...Learn More

The World Vaccine Congress is an annual conference dedicated to vaccines, covering the vaccine value chain from basic research to commercial manufacture to unite vaccine experts, share groundbreaking knowledge, and tackle the pandemic.We are excited to announce that World Vaccine ...Learn More

What are Precision Mutant Libraries?Imagine finding a happy medium between random and rational protein engineering; this sums up “Precision Mutant Libraries.” By taking advantage of Next-Generation semiconductor-based DNA Synthesis Technology operating within an automated ...Learn More

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