David Wither

Prof. David Wither obtained PhD in Immunology from the Institute for Animal in conjunction with the University of Bristol; following his PhD, he did a postdoc in the Peter Lipdsky’s lab at NIAMS, NIH, Bethseda. He then joined Peter Lane the University of Birmingham, where he cemented his interest in secondary lymphoid tissue development/structure, and how this controlled CD4 T cell responses. Carrying on from the previous research interest, Prof. Wither and his lab group currently have their research centred on the generation and development of T cell responses, particularly the development of memory CD4 T cells which are vital for immunological memory and thus vaccination. The lab is testing the role of RORgt-expressing group 3 Innate Lymphoid Cells versus other immune cell populations as checkpoints in adaptive immunity, both within secondary lymphoid tissue but also at mucosal barrier surfaces. Most recently, they developed novel approaches to track immune cell migration into and out of tumours, establishing innovative new models that can reveal fundamental information regarding anti-tumour immunity.

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Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy, University of Birmingham

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