Why is Synthetic Biology Important?

Synthetic Biology is a strategy or part of science through which researchers can redesign or recreate living organism or molecules for a superior life purposes. It is exceptionally significant procedure in light of the fact that by redesigning and engineering we are combining the advantageous properties of different organisms and making them useful for combating deadly diseases like COVID-19, Cancer or HIV. 

This technique is not restricted for the disease treatment, consequently it has several pros in other areas. Like we can design synthetic organisms having the capacity of toxic consumption to clean water bodies, and open surfaces for contamination and pollution decrease. Being a plant researcher I am seeing synthetic biology application at more extensive scale by diminishing the utilization of pesticides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals by farmers and agriculturist. Plants are naturally gaining the fighting capacity from various pathogens because of the synthetic biology which is solving the biggest concern of human health.

Definitively, synthetic biology method isn't an adversary it is a companion, a very special scientific companion who is opening his arms and expanding it to challenge of each challenge of our own and our living condition.

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This is great! I like that we can use SB in so many different applications; it seems to be a good framework of thinking about things in new ways. :)

Very well written Neha. You have articulated a complex technique into simple, easy to understand terms. We need researchers like you to help keep our environment safe and clean.

This technique has tremendous future.Nice article.

Very nice article, keep up with good work kudos!!

Exceptional work Neha! Thanks for helping the community in this unprecedented times Cheers!

Very informative and well written. Thanks to reaearchers like you to provide us healthy living and sustainability in long term.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment!!

Excellent article. Very well and truly explained. Synthetic biology is the need of the hour to save our future generations and our planet. We must act now or it will be too late.

Excellent Article!! Worth reading in the simple words about Synthetic Biology!!

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