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Im Dimitri Kullmann, a lead PI of the Synaptopathies Initiative. My lab’s research emphasizes on the fundamental mechanisms of synaptic transmission, together with the computational properties of small neuronal circuits, circuit excitability in epilepsy and other neurological disorders. One goal of my lab is to reveal how the phenomena they studied at the cellular level, which encompass synaptic, extra-synaptic and non-synaptic signaling, LTPs, interact and regulate the excitability of small neuronal circuits. My lab has been incorporating diversiform approaches into experiments besides in vitro electrophysiology and pharmacology, including confocal and two-photon laser scanning microscopy, gene manipulation techniques like CRISPR-Cas9, and computational simulations which are utilized in their studies on hippocampal circuit. I am cooperating with a group of scientists to work on inherited neurological diseases caused by channelopathies, and epilepsy, while my lab has developed several promising strategies for gene therapy of focal epilepsy.

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Your work sounds interesting!

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