PCR Primer Design Tool

I used GenScript's Primer Design Tool and it amazes me how great the product is!! I have listed out some reasons which clearly make it one of the best primer designing tool-:

  • Primers are designed in the correct orientation.
  • We could change the various parameters easily. 
  • The final product could be reviewed again to see whether we got the desired product or not.

The only thing which could be improved was that it takes some time to acquaint ourselves with the online tool. Else all is OK.

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It looks really good! I am finding an easy-to-use primer design tool. I need to try it right now!!

Can anyone send me a link of this primer design tool?

Thanks! I tried, it works perfectly.

Here you go https://www.genscript.com/tools/pcr-primers-designer

We are glad that this tool helps your daily research and thanks for your suggestion. GenScript invested a lot to develop free bioinformatics tools to facilitate the design and make research easy.

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