Monica Han

I'm a graduated student at Southeast University. I'm now studying the signaling pathway in liver cancers. I enjoy writing and communicating with researchers from different countries and labs. 

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Prof. Caixia Gao, is a Principal investigator of Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In this article published on Cell on February 12, 2021, she reviewed the development and application of genome editing tools in plants while highlighting ...Learn More

In this remarkable review, the authors examine how telomere dysfunction may amplify or drive molecular biological processes underlying each hallmark of aging and contribute to development of age-related diseases such as neurodegeneration and cancer. The intimate link of telomeres ...Learn More

CAR T-cell therapy, like all forms of cancer immunotherapy, seeks to sharpen and strengthen the immune system’s inherent cancer-fighting powers. It involves treating patients with modified versions of their own immune system T cells ­– white blood cells that help protect the ...Learn More

New Paper Online! "A natural single-guide RNA repurposes Cas9 to autoregulate CRISPR-Cas expression" by researchers from the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. DOI: ...Learn More

Good news on COVID-19 vaccines! The coronavirus vaccine developed by German company BioNTech partnered with Pfizer was demonstrated to have an efficacy rate of 95 percent in preventing Covid-19. ...Learn More

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