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Wow! It's anazing how biology has changed in the last couple decades

DNA Replication, Mutations, and DNA Repair

The replicon is comprised of the origin of replication (ori) and all of its control elements. The ori is the place where DNA replication begins, enabling a plasmid to reproduce itself as it must to survive within cells (Addgene). F1 is a phage-derived ori that allows for the ...Learn More

The protein tag is a polypeptide or protein expressed as a fusion with the target protein using in vitro DNA recombinant technology, which facilitates the expression, detection, tracer and purification of the target protein. Protein tags are usually divided into three categories: ...Learn More

The DNA in just one of your cells gets damaged tens of thousands of times per day. Because DNA provides the blueprint for the proteins your cells need to function, this damage can cause serious issues—including cancer. Fortunately, your cells have ways of fixing most of these ...Learn More

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