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Evolution of DNA sequencingDNA sequencing is the process of identifying the exact order of nucleotide bases (i.e., Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine) encoding specific genomic information. DNA sequencing technology rapidly advanced from its inception in the 1970s with the ...Learn More

The NH2 group of Arg and Lys can be methylated. NH2 group of other N-terminal amino acid can also be methylated. Arg can be methylated once or twice while Lysine can be methylated up to three times. ...Learn More

Join The Amoeba Sisters as they explain the biotechnology PCR. This video goes into the basics of how PCR works as well as two examples of its potential use.

The antigen (protein) should be soluble in a PBS or a buffer without organic solvents. Small tags (such as 6xHis, HA, FLAG, V5, c-myc) are preferred. For mAb development, the protein antigen shall be >2mg and >75% purity. For diagnostic or functional mAb development, the ...Learn More

First of all, determining the purification and accurate quantity of short PCR products is very difficult and the general PCR products purification kit require products to be longer than 150bp, therefore we need the PCR products used for sequencing to be no less than 150bp in ...Learn More

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