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The roots of synthetic biology can be traced to a landmark publication by Francois Jacob and Jacques Monod in 1961.Insights from their study of the lac operon(biological :"on-off" switch) in E.coli led them to postulate the existence of regulatory circuits or molecular networks ...Learn More

The potential applications of the synthetic biological systems are in bioprocess technology to achieve the production of high-value compounds with vital biological activities.It also has its applications in the development of industrial bioprocesses.Synthetic biology applications ...Learn More

Hello everyone, Can anyone recommend a plasmid that has dual expression in both mammalian and bacterial systems, ideally with inducible transcriptional control? Currently doing everything in parallel and looking to save time and money in the future by combining all the cloning ...Learn More

GenScript's newest precast PAGE gel, SurePage, allows running tab 200V and can be done by 20 min instead of 60 min at 140V. The resolution is as good as their old gels. We are so excited about this time-saving products. We are interested in getting 3 free plasmids offered by ...Learn More

To halt the global pandemic, solutions are needed to rapidly construct the SARS-CoV-2 genome, genome variants, genome parts for use in the generation of a vaccine and customized oligonucleotide probes and primers for better detection of the virus. Synthetic biologists can use a ...Learn More

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