Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is a multidisciplinary research area that has many applications ranging from drug and vaccine development, applications in food and agriculture, to manufacturing and diagnostic tests. What is synthetic biology’s role in combating the current pandemic?

"Synthetic biology is among the most hyped research topics this century, and in 2010 it entered its teenage years. But rather than these being a problematic time, we’ve seen synthetic biology blossom and deliver many new technologies and landmark achievements." ---- Fankang Meng ...Learn More

We interviewed iGEM Groningen. The project aims to engineer bacteria to coat and protect potato plant roots to prevent nematode growth.

Synthetic biology is a new discipline that aims to use engineering principles to the creation of biological systems. Significant milestones achieved to date have enclosed the development of a written record of standardized biological components and the creation of a replicating ...Learn More

We’ve all heard of the Golden Rice Project, the Vitamin A producing strain of rice touted by Time Magazine to “save a million kids a year” from Vitamin A deficiency. That was 20 years ago. For just as long, annual micronutrient supplementation days have been providing people ...Learn More

Severe itching, rashes, respiratory issues like asthma and eye complaints… All symptoms that affect over 100.000 people in the Netherlands alone as a result of the Oak Processionary Caterpillar (OPC) who returns with vengeance yearly. The iGEM team from Maastricht aims at ...Learn More

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