Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is a multidisciplinary research area that has many applications ranging from drug and vaccine development, applications in food and agriculture, to manufacturing and diagnostic tests. What is synthetic biology’s role in combating the current pandemic?

Coronaviruses (CoVs) are enveloped, single-stranded, positive-sense RNA viruses belonging to the Nidovirales order and responsible for causing seasonal mild respiratory illness in humans [1], although severe acute respiratory syndrome CoV (SARS-CoV) in 2002 and Middle East ...Learn More

Cancer is curable

"Everyone is a writer" program aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and learning together. There are some answers about the synthetic biology from this campaign.Q1: What is synthetic biology? A: Yunjun Zhao: Synthetic biology is a research area that integrates multiple ...Learn More

The team is tackling COVID-19 therapeutics by designing a mathematical model that will replicate action of a toehold switch, an mRNA sensing device that uses trigger RNA to activate or repress translation of downstream genes. In combination with a Virus-like Particle System, the ...Learn More

The team aims to counter coral bleaching in the Australian Barrier reef with antioxidant glutathione production in microalgae and incorporation of small heat shock proteins into the microalgae to aid and increase thermal tolerance.

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