Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is a multidisciplinary research area that has many applications ranging from drug and vaccine development, applications in food and agriculture, to manufacturing and diagnostic tests. What is synthetic biology’s role in combating the current pandemic?

Ever wonder how synthetic DNA is made? The ability to synthesize and manipulate DNA sequences has revolutionized the development of diagnostic tools, drugs, and vaccines for diseases plaguing our society today, such as COVID-19. Discover how GenScript uses innovative technology to ...Learn More

Scientists are exploring how to edit genomes and even create brand new ones that never existed before, but how close are we to harnessing synthetic life?

The pCas/pTargetF system is one of the most popular genomic editing systems in E. coli. According to data from MolecularCloud, Addgene and our laboratory, there were 723 and 615 usage records in total for pCas and pTargetF respectively. However, few users pointed out that this ...Learn More

Gut microbial transformations of flavonoids, an enormous class of polyphenolic compounds abundant in plant-based diets, are closely associated with human health. However, the enzymes that initiate the gut microbial metabolism of flavones and flavonols, the two most abundant groups ...Learn More

Building DNA Libraries to Explore the Combinatorial Design Space! Engineering complex biological systems is not straightforward. To this end, synthetic biologists often need to explore a combinatorial design space to achieve the best performance. In this webinar, we will discuss ...Learn More

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