Plant Biology

Plant biology focuses on fundamental aspects of how plants function as organisms and interact with the environment.

Introduction Carbohydrates, often associated with energy and nutrition, have emerged as a promising class of molecules in the field of medicine. Glycomedicine, a branch of medicine that focuses on the therapeutic applications of carbohydrates, has gained significant attention in ...Learn More

I am working for unicorn life sciences. We can provide the list of tests of your gene samples. My email is Simply contact me and I can recommend your test to the department at unicorn life sciences. To provide you expert results. Visit website for ...Learn More

Norman Borlaug's name may not be familiar to you. However, this person has helped save millions of people in the world. Just as Alexander Fleming thanks to penicillin is said to have saved countless lives, Dr. Borlaug did it thanks to engineering and improvement in agriculture. ...Learn More

In organisms distantly related, regulation of gene expression involves the same epigenetic mechanisms acting on different biological processes. Molecular analysis of genomic imprinting, an epigenetic phenomenon observed in plant and animal species, highlights that not only this ...Learn More

The art I submitted to DNA Day photo contest was inspired by the completion of the human genome project. I would appreciate any and all votes! (Link below)

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