Peptide 1633 records

Peptides are short chains of amino acids linked by amide bonds and have a wide range of applications in biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and development. This is a collection of validated peptides published on top journals.

SummarySasso et al. developed a cancer vaccine based on lymphangiogenesis-associated T cell immunity using lethally irradiated tumor cells. They tested the vaccine in mice and found that the vaccine induced tumor growth inhibition in all recipient animals. Moreover, when tumor ...Learn More

There are many bottlenecks in therapeutic discoveries and one of which is the identification of the right target that is specific to illicit a positive therapeutic outcome for the disease. The difficulties come when many of the targets, in particular proteins, have a ...Learn More

Immunotherapy has been a game-changer for treating solid tumors. By harnessing and strengthening the body’s immune defenses, these treatments allow our immune cells to better recognize and target tumor cells for elimination. Some immunotherapy strategies take advantage of ...Learn More Hi everyone! My name is Debora and I'm a young researcher in a Neuropathology lab, in Italy. I study neurodegenerative diseases as Parkinson Disease and Alzheimer Disease. I took this shoot during my laboratory ...Learn More

In Parkinson's disease, the death of substantia nigra dopamine-producing neurons unleashes a sequel of progressive motor and non-motor dysfunctions. There is no cure for this neurodegenerative disease which is only second to Alzheimer's disease in prevalence among the elderly. ...Learn More

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