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Peptides are short chains of amino acids linked by amide bonds and have a wide range of applications in biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and development. This is a collection of validated peptides published on top journals.

Neoantigen Peptides in Personalized T Cell Immunotherapies for MedulloblastomaWhat is medulloblastoma?Medulloblastoma is a common malignant brain tumor in children, in fact, the most frequently diagnosed, accounting for over 60% of intracranial embryonal tumors. First described ...Learn More

In chemical terms, a counterion is an ion of opposite charge to another ion in a solution or an electrochemical system. In peptide synthesis, counterions such as TFA are used for solubility and HPLC separation. Most peptides except those that do not have basic amino acids such as ...Learn More

Q at N terminal of peptide is not stable in acidic condition (such as purification and lyophilized) and could undergo cyclization reaction to form pGlu.To to avoid such as side reaction, N-terminus acetylation is recommended.Other solutions are 1) Remove "Q" from N-terminus 2) Add ...Learn More

SummarySasso et al. developed a cancer vaccine based on lymphangiogenesis-associated T cell immunity using lethally irradiated tumor cells. They tested the vaccine in mice and found that the vaccine induced tumor growth inhibition in all recipient animals. Moreover, when tumor ...Learn More

There are many bottlenecks in therapeutic discoveries and one of which is the identification of the right target that is specific to illicit a positive therapeutic outcome for the disease. The difficulties come when many of the targets, in particular proteins, have a ...Learn More

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