Gene & Cell Therapy

Gene therapy involves the transfer of genetic material and the uptake of the gene into the appropriate cells of the body. Cell therapy involves the transfer of cells with the relevant function into the patient.

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness worldwide, affecting millions of people. Understanding the mechanisms behind this debilitating condition is crucial for developing effective treatments. As a comprehensive bioscience company, Ace Therapeutics recognizes the importance of ...Learn More

[Cambridge, June 8, 2024] Protheragen-ING is pleased to announce its participation in the 26th SAPA-NE Annual Conference. The event will be held at the Cambridge Marriott Boston (50 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142), on June 8, 2024, 9 am - 5 pm EDT. About SAPA-NESAPA (Sino-American ...Learn More

To advance glaucoma research, Ace Therapeutics, an integrated biotechnology company with a broad research scope and comprehensive services, has announced the unveiling of its gene therapy development services. The company's innovative gene therapy approach holds promise in ...Learn More

What is Graphene?Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial composed of carbon atoms in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice with special hybrid orbitals. It has excellent optical, electrical, and mechanical properties. Materials with light weight, strongest toughness, best light ...Learn More

Karyotype analysis refers to the pairing and grouping of chromosomes to reveal whether the organism accords with the inherent chromosomal characteristics, to determine if the organism has chromosomal abnormalities. Karyotype analysis can detect whether there are abnormalities in ...Learn More

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