Gene & Cell Therapy

Gene therapy involves the transfer of genetic material and the uptake of the gene into the appropriate cells of the body. Cell therapy involves the transfer of cells with the relevant function into the patient.

The animal cell model is an alternative for the in vivo study of cell biology. As models for human systems, researchers can use animal cells to assess new treatments prior to applying the results of this research to humans. Animal primary cell cultivation can be used in a variety ...Learn More

Proteins are the workhorses of life, involved in an astonishing array of biological processes. To truly understand how they function, we must delve deep into their structural intricacies. One of the most powerful techniques for revealing the three-dimensional architecture of ...Learn More

The Yong Lu Lab is comprised of a team of passionate and devoted individuals who embody the essence of their work. They are the driving force behind each and every research with unwavering dedication.Their researche area concerns why adoptive cell therapies, the type of ...Learn More

Mia Petljak combines experimental and computational approaches to define active mutational processes in human cancer, study their occurrence and explore their underlying mechanisms. Ultimately, an understanding of on-going mutagenesis offers the potential to identify novel ...Learn More

The Zang lab has made numerous important contributions to the fields of immune checkpoint and immunotherapy, such as the discovery of 3 (B7x, HHLA2, TMIGD2) out of 13 members of the B7 and CD28 families (major immune checkpoints), identification of the HHLA2-KIR3DL3 ...Learn More

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