Young Researcher Conversations — Juan Li

Hello everyone! We have a brief conversation with Dr. Juan Li who is a doctor from Prof. Pengcheng Wei’s research group in the second episode of MolecularCloud Young Researcher Conversations.

MolecularCloud: Hello, Dr. Juan Li. As a young researcher, What are you most proud of?

Juan Li: As a researcher, I am most proud of having a very warm-hearted and friendly boss, as well as an optimistic, energetic and hardworking team.

MolecularCloud: Can you share your mood when you or your team achieved breakthrough research results?

Juan Li: I was very joyful and excited that the research of many years have finally "seen the light of day" and got the recognition from others. Meanwhile, I was very thankful to all the individuals who had put in the effort.

MolecularCloud: As a young researcher, could you please briefly describe your daily schedual in the laboratory?

Juan Li: Firstly, I usually turn on my computer, check email, view some new articles published in major journals, and make an experiment plan for next days or next week. Then I go to the laboratory to communicate with the students on the experimental results and progress, and arrange the experimental process for a day. Finally, I deal with some daily affairs, read the literature, prepare the written materials, and follow up the students’ experimental results and make corresponding adjustments at any time. In the meanwhile, I make arrangements for next day’s experiments.

MolecularCloud: What is your top scientific goal in 2020?

Juan Li: The scientific research goal we most want to achieve is to publish one or two influential SCI articles in 2020.

MolecularCloud: What would you like to say to someone like you who is engaged in scientific research?

Juan Li: I think we should treat scientific research as work and also as a career, do scientific research with interest, patience, and persistence, and submerge ourselves in the joy of discovering and solving problems. At the same time, we must pay attention to the development of scientific research, continue to learn, and enrich ourselves.

MolecularCloud: Thanks to Dr. Li for accepting our interview. We wish you good health and good luck on your scientific research!

Juan Li: Thanks for the interview.

We welcome more professors and students to join MolecularCloud to present their researches and publications, express their opinions about hot topics and share biological resources and information!

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Great. We are pleased to interview our young scientists.

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