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Im Zhengli Shi, a Principal Investigator of CAS Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I have been working on discovery and characterization of novel viruses from bats and other wildlife. I carried out systemic studies on epidemiology, genetic evolution, interspecies infection mechanism and pathogenesis of bat viruses. The accomplishments of my team include 1) identify the pathogen of COVID-19 and its probable bat origin; 2) identify the pathogen causing swine acute diarrhoea syndrome and its bat origin; 3) identify a gene pool of SARS-related coronaviruses; 4) discover a large number of novel bat viruses, including filoviruses, adenoviruses, reoviruses, circovirus, etc.

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Maybe you will like to sign the petition to the WHO? https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/open-letter-to-the-who-covid-19-international

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Another 265 questions when you have more time: Part 1: https://archive.is/JVLjO Part 2: https://archive.is/bEpKy Part 3: https://archive.is/pJaCZ

50 Questions when you have time: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1og-psDbevmf1qKFCY6d1kOhkCwIZIQq2/view

One of WIV's researchers, Ben Hu, ran a state funded project at WIV: "Pathogenicity of 2 new bat SARS-related covs to transgenic mice expressing human ACE2" Which 2 new bat SARS related CoVs were used?

42. Can WIV clarify the full details of the 2012 pneumonia outbreak among the Mojiang miners, especially regarding the subsequent samplings and all blood and BALF results? 43. Can WIV clarify what happened to the samples collected from the Mojiang miners between 2012 and 2019 and whether they are still available for independent analysis? 44. Did WIV culture any virus from the Tongguan mineshaft pneumonia cases in animals or cell lines? If so, were the sequences used as “backbones” for creating other viruses?

Question about Chinese BatCoV vaccine development programs 35. Can China provide details about any specific strategy followed to prepare for Disease X ̲a combination of pre̸emergent BatCoV features which would represent the most threatening evolutionary front̳̩ I. Questions about RaTG13 and the 8 SARSr of the Ra7896 Clade 36. Was RaTG13 a consensus sequence as recently claimed by Peter Daszak in an interview ̲TWiV 623̳ with Vincent Racaniello̩ 37. Some RaTG13 amplicons include a ͊7896͊ label. So, was Ra7896 in fact used for sequencing RaTG13̩ 38. Why did WIV not fully sequence the 8 SARSr of the 7896̸clade further than their RdRp when they were the second closest viruses to SARS̸CoV̸2̩ 39. Were these 8 remaining SARSr from the 7896 clade collected from the same Tongguan mine as RaTG13̩ 40. Will Ecohealth publish the initial draft of Latinne et al. ̲2020̳ 41. There is a correlative series of isolates from WIV but 2 are missing from the series. Specifically, why were the WIV6 and WIV15 isolates never disclosed?

34. Why were the description and many keywords in the online SQL version of the WIV database altered by Professor Zhengli Shi on Dec 30th while she was returning from Shanghai to Wuhan on the night train̩ ● Version 1 of the SQL database description̤ ”Wildlife-borne Viral Pathogen Database” ̲Release time̤ July 17th , 2019̳ Originally available here̤ http̤̯̯csdata.org̯p̯308̯2̯ Can be seen here̤ https̤̯̯web.archive.org̯web̯20200507214437̯http̤̯̯csdata.org̯p̯308̯2̯ ● Version 2 of the same SQL database̤ ͂Bat and rodent-borne viral pathogen database” ̲Updated on December 30th 2019 from Shanghai to Wuhan night train by Pr. Shi̳ Originally available here̤ http̤̯̯csdata.org̯p̯308̯4̯ Can be seen here̤ https̤̯̯web.archive.org̯web̯20200507214519̯http̤̯̯csdata.org̯p̯308̯4̯

33. Why are all the Wuhan Institute of Virology databases ̲including the 61.5 Mb SQL version̳ still offline̩ Pr. Zhengli Shi claimed they were offline for cybersecurity issues and would be made available ͂when they felt safe̓. This was 5 months ago. There are at least 100 unpublished sequences of bat betacoronaviruses on these databases which need to be sequenced by international scientists. a. WIV Database 1̤ http̤̯̯batvirus.whiov.ac.cn̯ ̲Archive seems to be unavailable̳ b. WIV SQL online Database 2̤ http̤̯̯csdata.org̯p̯308̯ Archived̤ https̤̯̯web.archive.org̯web̯20200507214518̯http̤̯̯csdata.org̯p̯308̯ and̤ http̤̯̯archive.is̯HLuio c. WIV Database 3̤ http̤̯̯www.viruses.nsdc.cn̯vri.jsp ● Archived̤ https̤̯̯web.archive.org̯web̯20200125203943̯http̤̯̯www.viruses.nsdc.cn̯vri.jsp ● Discussion of significance here̤ Guoke Faji 2019̯236 and the SARS̸CoV̸2 Outbreak http̤̯̯archive.is̯uHqSw̮selection̸29.0̸29.47 d. WIV Database 4̤ http̤̯̯www.viruses.nsdc.cn̯chinavpi Archived̤ https̤̯̯web.archive.org̯web̯20200404100024̯http̤

Where all the WIV viral pathogen databases with hundreds of unpublished bat betacoronavirus sequences? Why did you take them offline?

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