Huateng Pharma Develops Intermediates of Semaglutide For TD2

According to the latest IDF Diabetes map, the global prevalence of diabetes reached 10.5% in 2021, with 537 million adults living with diabetes. China has become a disaster zone for diabetes, with the largest number of adults with diabetes in the world. In the past 10 years (2011-2021), the number of people with diabetes in China increased from 90 million to 140 million, an increase of 56%. The total number of diabetes patients in China will continue to increase in the next 20 years, and is expected to reach 175 million by 2045.


Having diabetes in such a large number of people is a huge health hazard. At the moment when the novel coronavirus is raging around the world, the mortality rate of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in patients with diabetes is significantly higher than that in patients without diabetes. According to the statistics of the deaths of COVID-19 patients in China by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention , the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients with diabetes underlying diseases is 7.3%, which is 7 times higher than that of patients without any underlying diseases.


In order to improve public health and reduce mortality, it is urgent to effectively manage blood glucose and improve the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, but the current situation of diabetes management is not optimistic.


Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death from chronic noncommunicable diseases in middle-aged and older people. China has been hit hard by the global diabetes pandemic, with an estimated 140 million people living with the disease. The number of diabetic patients in China is huge and the situation is difficult. In addition to the low rate of blood glucose control, many patients are complicated with obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other high-risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, patients need to take a lot of drugs, which seriously affects their quality of life.


The emergence of semaglutide, a new GLP-1RA weekly preparation, has brought hope to patients with diabetes. It can be multi-pranged -- it can significantly reduce body weight, improve blood pressure and lipid profile while lowering glucose. It is because of the improvement of multiple risk factors that Semaglutide, unsurprisingly, showed a significant reduction in the risk of cardiovascular events and became the only weekly GLP-1RA preparation approved for cardiovascular indications in China. Semaglutide, a one-drug, once-a-week injection, has also greatly increased patient satisfaction with treatment.


Huateng Pharma is expert in manufacturing and development of pharmaceutical intermediates in its ultra-modern state of art facilities. We can provide pharmaceutical intermediates of semaglutide, such as CH2COOH-PEG2-NH2.HCl (CAS NO.:134979-01-4), Fmoc-L-Lys[Oct-(otBu)-Glu-(otBu)-AEEA-AEEA]-OH (CAS NO.:1662688-20-1), (S)-22-(Tert-butoxycarbonyl)-43,43-dimethyl-10,19,24,41-tetraoxo-3,6,12,15,42-pentaoxa-9,18,23-triazatetratetracontanoic acid (CAS NO.1118767-16-0), Boc-NH-PEG2-CH2COOH (CAS NO.:108466-89-3), Fmoc-NH-PEG2-CH2COOH (CAS NO.:166108-71-0), NH2-PEG2-CH2COOH (CAS NO.:134978-97-5), 17-amino-10-oxo-3,6,12,15-tetraoxa-9-azaheptadecan-1-oic acid (CAS NO.:1143516-05-5) and Octadecanedioic acid (CAS NO.:871-70-5). For more information, please email us at


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