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Q: What are the components of a plasmid vector?

Components of a plasmid vector are:

  1.  Ori (Origin of replication) :The DNA sequence which allows initiation of replication by recruiting transcriptional machinery proteins.
  2. Insert (Multiple Cloning Site): an element on the plasmid fragment which contains restriction enzyme site on either side of the fragment to allow DNA insertion.
  3. Selectable Marker:They help to differentiate the transformed cell from non-transfromed after cloning. Often a antibiotic resistance gene is present in the DNA, so that host cell growing in the growth medium containing a particular selective agent only transformed host has the antibiotic resistance gene on the DNA construct,therefore it can grow in the medium with that particular antibiotic. While non-transformed cells wont survive.
  4. Promoter Region: a region which drives the protein expression of the cloned DNA.It allows gene transcription .RNA polymerase binds to promoter region.
  5. Primer Binding Site: A short single stranded DNA sequence used as initiation point for PCR amplification or sequencing.Primers can be exploited for sequence verification of plasmids.



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